Ways of St James

To reach the tomb of the Apostle St James, we have 8 official Ways enabled for pilgrims. With the aim of not saturating some of the routes, the PEJ22 organisers will handle the Ways for all the groups participating in the European Youth Pilgrimage 2022. The possible Ways are:

  • English Way
  • French Way
  • Northern Way
  • Original or Primitive Way
  • Silver Way
  • Portuguese Way
  • Spiritual Variation of the Portuguese Way
  • Coastal or Costa da Morte Way

You will need to make an advance booking by sending an email to caminos@pej22.es stating which Way you want to do, which stops you would like to make and the dates. After the organisers have received all requests, it will make an organised and coordinated distribution of all the requests made.

Soon, we will announce on this page the dates of the Ways for which you can sign up 😉