The main ICON of the poster is the ‘pilgrim scallop shell’, an identifiable symbol of the Way of Saint James.

This icon will guide and identify pilgrims. The background subtly depicts the silhouette of the main façade of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, as the goal of the pilgrimage, lines that balance out the visual weight of the poster and, in parallel, imbue it with meaning.

The message it conveys is global, perceived as a single whole in which each item, along with the informational text, is integrated harmoniously to create a high-impact aesthetic.

The slogan for PEJ22 – ‘Young man, young woman, rise up and be a witness’ – stands out, along with the central image and the word ‘YOUTH’ as the main typographical feature with the greatest visual impact that is, in parallel, the recipient of the pilgrimage.

Finally, the message accompanying the slogan is clear and direct: ‘James the Apostle awaits you’. It will reach the young people as a direct question: Do you really want to make him wait?

The artist who created the poster is Antonio Jesús Marcos, winner of the contest for the PEJ22 poster.

Download here the poster for print.

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