If you decided to sketch a way
if you have thought about starting over
if you still think about what makes sense
Santiago is your city

like a mother’s heart
ready to lovingly welcome
the pilgrims who arrive
seeking the direction of the heart

That is why you should come to Santiago
let your dreams fly
and greet the apostle
who awaits you in the cathedral

Come to Santiago for this
everything is beautiful around you
don’t put off till tomorrow
what you can do today

Young person, arise, you must be a witness
on the move, on your feet and start walking
today more than ever the world needs
your testimony and your truth

It is not just a journey or a way
with faith you will find something stronger
and everyone who reaches their destination
your souls will enjoy peace

A competition was also held for the hymn, for which there were 21 high-quality submissions. The hymn selected received the most votes from the jury. The nine best proposals for the hymn, along with the official hymn, will be available on a compilation record published for the occasion.

Download here the hymn «Come to Santiago» with the chorus in English

And download here the hymn «Come to Santiago» in different languages